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javascript STYLE wordWrap
Specifies the word-wrapping style for block-level, specifically-sized inline, or positioned elements. If a single word (i.e., without any whitespace
javascript STYLE wordSpacing
Governs the length of space between words. IE 5 for Macintosh may exhibit overlap problems with the word-spacing of elements nested inside the one b
javascript STYLE wordBreak
Specifies the word-break style for ideographic languages or content that mixes Latin and ideographic languages.
javascript STYLE width
The width property of STYLE is described in chapter: javascript STYLE height, width
javascript STYLE whiteSpace
Controls intepretation of whitespace (such as leading spaces and line breaks) from the source code.
javascript STYLE voiceFamily, volume
The voiceFamily, volume of style are described in below chapter: javascript STYLE azimuth, cue, cueAfter, cueBefore, elevation, pause, pauseAfter, pau
javascript STYLE visibility
Specifies the state of the positioned element's visibility. Surrounding content does not close up the space left by an element that has its visibility
javascript STYLE verticalAlign
Specifies the vertical alignment characteristic of the element. This property operates in two spheres, depending on the selection of values you use.
javascript STYLE unicodeBidi
Controls the embedding of bidirectional text (such as a mixture of French and Arabic) in concert with the direction style attribute.
javascript STYLE top
For calculations on this value, use parseFloat( ) on the returned value; or, in IE, retrieve the pixelTop or posTop properties, which return genuine n
javascript STYLE textUnderlinePosition
Controls whether an underline (i.e., an element with a text-decoration style set to underline ) is rendered above or below the text.
javascript STYLE textTransform
Controls the capitalization of the element's text. When a value other than none is assigned to this attribute, the cases of all letters in the sou
javascript STYLE textShadow
Controls the specifications for shadow effects on the element's text. Although this property is a member of the style object in IE 5/Mac and Netsc
javascript STYLE textOverflow
Controls whether text content that overflows a fixed box should display an ellipsis (...) at the end of the line to indicate more text is available.
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