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@June 28, 2008, 2:39 p.m.
backgroundRepeat Firefox/Netscape/NN 6 IE 4 Chrome/Safari/DOM 2  



Specifies whether a background image (specified with the backgroundImage property) should repeat and, if so, along which axes. You can use repeating background images to create horizontal and vertical bands with some settings.

document.getElementById("div3").style.backgroundRepeat = "repeat-y";

With a string setting of no-repeat, one instance of the image appears in the location within the element established by the backgroundPosition property (default is top-left corner). Normal repeats are performed along both axes, but you can have the image repeat down a single column (repeat-y) or across a single row (repeat-x). To reestablish the default, assign the value repeat.



I can't do the math required here.....
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