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A String object represents any sequence of zero or more characters that are to be treated strictly as text (that is, no math operations are to be applied). A large library of methods is divided into two categories. One category surrounds a string with a pair of HTML tags for a variety of HTML character formatting. These methods are used primarily to assist statements that use document.write( ) to dynamically create content, but their functionality is now superceded by style sheets. The second, vital method category is the more traditional set of string parsing and manipulation methods that facilitate finding and copying characters and substrings, case changes, and conversion from string lists to JavaScript arrays.


By and large, you don't have to worry about explicitly creating a string beyond a simple assignment of a quoted string value:

var myString = "howdy";

Occasionally, however, it is helpful to create a string object using the constructor of the static String object. Preparing string values for passage to Java applets often requires this type of string generation:

var myString = new String("howdy");

Other than the constructor, prototype property, and fromCharCode( ) method, all properties and methods are for use with instances of the String object, rather than the static String object.

anchor( )big( )blink( )bold( )
charAt( )charCodeAt( )concat( )fixed( )
fontcolor( )fontsize( )fromCharCode( )indexOf( )
italics( )lastIndexOf( )link( )localeCompare( )
match( )replace( )search( )slice( )
small( )split( )strike( )sub( )
substr( )substring( )sup( )toLocaleLowerCase( )
toLocaleUpperCase( )toLowerCase( )toString( )toUpperCase( )
valueOf( )
Creating a String Object
var myValue = "someString";
var myValue = new String("someString");
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