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The Node object is an abstract representation in the W3C DOM of the fundamental content building block in a document. All pieces of content that you can address in the W3C DOM model are nodes: unnamed contiguous strings of text between tags, tagged elements, name/value attribute pairs, special-purpose elements such as comments, DOCTYPE declarations, and even the document, itself, to name several.


A Node object has a large set of properties and methods, most of which concern a node's relationships to surrounding nodes. The objects in a document that scripts read and control are defined as descendants of the basic Node object; this means that the most common content-bearing objects that DHTML scripts work withHTML elements, text nodes, and element attributesall share this set of properties and methods to start. Then, as needed for their powers as HTML elements, they accrue additional properties and/or methods that give them their special powers.

While the nodeness of the W3C DOM codifies the inheritance relationships among different pieces of a document's content, the model presents a conceptual framework and granularity that at times seems tedious compared to the shortcut HTMLness of both the first-generation DOM and the Microsoft DOM. But the ultimate goal is to provide a single model that works for both XML and HTML documents (in either their pure HTML or XML-ized versions).

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