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javascript ondblclick Description

@March 15, 2008, 1:22 a.m.
ondblclickFirefox/Netscape/NN 4 IE 4 Chrome/Safari/DOM n/a  

Bubbles: Yes; Cancelable: Yes  

Fires after the user effects a second successive mouse click or equivalent action (see onclick for click equivalents). A double click requires a specific sequence of mouse events leading up to it. The sequence is: onmousedown, onmouseup, onclick, onmouseup, and ondblclick. The amount of time that can elapse between the two clicks is determined by the client computer's mouse control panel settings.


Because the onclick event fires ahead of ondblclick, the associated onclick event handler (if any) should perform only innocuous actions, such as highlighting an element, much like the way operating system desktop icons operate. If an item requires a double click, that is the only event that should do something significant.

Typical Targets

Support for this event in Navigator 4 is limited to the a element (but not on the Macintosh); IE 4 or later and Netscape 6 support the event on renderable elements and the document object.

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