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@March 15, 2008, 1:22 a.m.
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Indicates the manner in which the leading bullets, numbers, or letters of items in the list are displayed. Bullet styles are displayed when the li element is nested inside a ul element; numbers and letters are displayed for an ol element. If your script changes the type for a single li object, be aware that the change affects all subsequent li elements in the same list.

document.getElementById("instruxListItem3").type = "a";
document.getElementById("point4").type = "square";

For an ol style list, possible values are: A | a | I | i | 1. Sequencing is performed automatically as shown in the following table.

For a ul-style list, possible values are: circle | disc | square.

AA, B, C, ...
aa, b, c, ...
II, II, III, ...
ii, ii, iii, ...
11, 2, 3, ...

1 and disc (although values are empty unless the corresponding attribute is explicitly assigned).

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