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javascript DOMNodeInserted Description

@April 25, 2008, 7:51 a.m.
DOMNodeInserted Firefox/Netscape/NN 6 IE n/a Chrome/Safari/DOM 2  


Bubbles: Yes; Cancelable: No  

Fires on a node when that node is explicitly inserted into an existing node container. If you assign an event listener for this event to an element that is the recipient of an inserted (including appended) node, the DOMNodeInserted event fires on the node being inserted (the srcElement of the event object). If the event bubbles further (i.e., away from the point of insertion), the event listener function can still find out about the new container by reading the relatedNode event property. Note that if the incoming node comes from another location in the same document, the removal of the node from its original container fires the DOMNodeRemoved event on the removed node before it leaves its original container (so that the event can bubble up to its original container).

Typical Targets

All rendered nodes.

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