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@March 15, 2008, 1:22 a.m.
Dialog HelperFirefox/Netscape/NN n/a IE 6(Win) Chrome/Safari/DOM n/a  


The Dialog Helper object is an ActiveX control delivered with IE 6 for Windows that provides a short assortment of potentially useful system and document information; the method also displays a color selector dialog from which your scripts can obtain a user's color choice. Most typically, it would be used when scripting IE's edit mode, where users need to make color, font, and element choices. But you might find the object's properties and methods useful in traditional browser document settings.

Loading this object into the page requires the following <object> tag:

<object id="dlgHelper" classid="clsid:3050f819-98b5-11cf-bb82-00aa00bdce0b" 
        width="0px" height="0px>
</object> "

Because this object is not rendered, you may place its tag in the head portion of your document. You may also assign your choice of identifier to the id attribute. Once the object is loaded, reference it as a global object in the window.

HTML Equivalent


Object Model Reference
Object-Specific Properties
Object-Specific Methods
ChooseColorDlg( )getCharset( )
Object-Specific Event Handler Properties


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