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The difference between setTimeout and setInterval
setTimeout: Run once and then stop. setTimeout("AFunction()",1000); setInterval: Run by loop. setInterval("BFunction()",1000);
javascript window Description
The window object represents the browser window or frame in which document content is displayed. The window object plays a vital role in scripti
javascript window appCore, Components, content, controllers, prompter, sidebar
These properties are associated with the proprietary Mozilla xpconnect ("cross-platform" connect) services. These services allow scripts tha
javascript window clientInformation
Returns the navigator object. The navigator object is named after a specific browser brand; the clientInformation property is a nondenominational way
javascript window clipboardData
Returns the clipboardData object. The object is a temporary container
javascript window closed
This is the Boolean value that says whether the referenced window is closed. A value of true means the window is no longer available for referenci
javascript window crypto, pkcs11
Return references to objects associated with Mozilla public-key cryptography internals.
javascript window defaultStatus
Specifies the default message displayed in the browser window's status bar when no browser loading activity is occurring. To temporarily change the
javascript window dialogArguments
This is the string or other data type passed as extra arguments to a modal dialog window created with the window.showModalDialog( ) or window.showMode
javascript window dialogHeight, dialogWidth
Specify the height and width values of a modal dialog window created with the showModalDialog( ) and showModelessDialog( ) methods. Although Int
javascript window dialogLeft, dialogTop
Indicate the offset distance of the left and top edges of a modal dialog window (created with the showModalDialog( ) and showModelessDialog( ) m
javascript window directories, locationbar, menubar, personalbar, scrollbars, statusbar, toolbar
Return references to the Navigator browser window feature (the directories property is new for Netscape 6).
javascript window document
Returns a reference to the document object contained by the window. In browsers that offer W3C DOM document tree support, this property points mor
javascript window event
Internet Explorer's event model generates an event object for each user or system event. This event object is a property of the window object
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