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javascript window scroll( )
Sets the scrolled position of the document inside the current window or frame. To return the document to its unscrolled position, set both parameter
javascript window routeEvent( )
Used inside an event handler function, this method directs Navigator 4 (only) to let the event pass to its intended target object.
javascript window resizeTo( )
This is a convenience method that adjusts the height and width of the window to specific pixel sizes. The top and left edges of the window remain fixe
javascript window resizeBy( )
This is a convenience method that shifts the width and height of the window by specified pixel amounts. To adjust along only one axis, set the other
javascript window removeEventListener( )
removeEventListener ( "eventType", listenerFunction, useCapture ). Netscape 6 implements this W3C DOM event model method for the window obje
javascript window releaseEvents( )
The opposite of window.captureEvents( ) , this method turns off event capture at the window level for one or more specific events named in the para
javascript window prompt( )
Displays a dialog box with a message, a one-line text entry field, and two clickable buttons. Script execution halts while the dialog box appears. T
javascript window print( )
Starts the printing process for the window or frame. A user must still confirm the print dialog box to send the document to the printer. This method
javascript window open( )
Opens a new window. You can specify a URL to load into the new window or set that parameter to an empty string to allow scripts to document.write( ) i
javascript window navigate( )
Loads a new document into the window or frame. This is the IE-specific way of assigning a value to the window.location.href property.
javascript window moveTo( )
This is a convenience method that shifts the location of the current window to a specific coordinate point. The moveTo( ) method uses the screen c
javascript window moveBy( )
This is a convenience method that shifts the location of the window by specified pixel amounts along both axes. To shift along only one axis, set th
javascript window home( )
Navigates to the URL designated as the home page for the browser. This is the same as the user clicking on the Home button.
javascript window getSelection( )
Returns a selection object, which can then be turned into a W3C DOM Range object. This method takes the place of the old document.getSelection( )
javascript window getComputedStyle( )
Returns a style object (specifically, a CSSStyleDeclaration object in the W3C DOM terminology) showing the net cascade of style settings that affe
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