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javascript TABLE rules
Indicates where (if at all) interior borders between cells are rendered by the browser. In addition to setting the table to draw borders to turn the
javascript TABLE rows
Returns a collection of tr elements inside the entire table. You can also get a group of rows for each table section ( tbody , tfoot , and thea
javascript TABLE recordNumber
Used with IE data binding, returns an integer representing the record within the data set that generated the TABLE element (i.e., an element whose con
javascript TABLE height, width
Specify the height and width in pixels of the element. Changes to these values are immediately reflected in reflowed content on the page. Only the
javascript TABLE frame
Indicates which (if any) sides of a table's outer border (set with the border attribute or border property) are rendered. This property does no
javascript TABLE focus( )
Gives focus from the current TABLE object, at which time the TABLE object's onfocus event fires. Note that the range of elements capable of focus and
javascript TABLE dataPageSize
Used with IE data binding, this property advises the browser how many instances of a table row must be rendered to accommodate the number of data so
javascript TABLE cols
Specifies the number of columns of the table. The corresponding IE-specific cols attribute assists the browser in preparation for rendering the ta
javascript TABLE clientHeight, clientWidth
Broadly speaking, these provide the height and width of the TABLE element's content, but with minor variations with respect to element padding among v
javascript TABLE cellSpacing
Specifies the amount of empty space between the outer edges of each table cell. If the table has a border, the effect of setting cellSpacing is to
javascript TABLE cells
Returns a collection of all td elements inside the table. Entries in the array are in source code order of td elements. This property is more wi
javascript TABLE cellPadding
Specifies the amount of empty space between the border of a table cell and the content of the cell. Note that this property applies to space inside a
javascript TABLE caption
Returns a reference to a caption element nested inside the table. From this reference you can access properties and methods of the caption objec
javascript TABLE borderColorDark, borderColorLight
document.getElementById("myTable").borderColorDark = "blue"; document.getElementById("myTable").borderColorLight = &quot
javascript TABLE borderColor
Specifies the color of the table's border. Internet Explorer applies the color to all four lines that make up the interior border of a cell.
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