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javascript selection toString( )
Returns a string containing only body content from the selection. Tags and attributes are ignored.
javascript selection selectionLanguageChange( )
Controls the cursor Bidi (bi-directional) level.
javascript selection selectAllChildren( )
Forces the selection object to encompass the element node passed as a parameter and all of its child nodes. This method is also a shortcut to usin
javascript selection removeRange( )
Removes a single Range object from the current selection (not from the document tree). If you have a multiple-range selection, you can iterate thr
javascript selection removeAllRanges( )
Removes all Range objects from the current selection (not from the document tree). The selection collapses, and the rangeCount property value ch
javascript selection getRangeAt( )
Returns a reference to the range within a selection object whose zero-based numeric index matches the passed parameter. The parameter should be zero.
javascript selection extend( )
Moves the end (focus) boundary of the selection to the designated document tree node and offset within that node. The start (anchor) point does not
javascript selection empty( )
Deselects the current selection and sets the selection object's type property to None . There is no change to the content that had been select
javascript selection deleteFromDocument( )
Removes the current selection from the document tree. The node hierarchy adjusts itself by obeying the same rules as Range.deleteContents( ) .
javascript selection createRangeCollection( )
Creates a TextRange collection object. This must be in anticipation of IE supporting multiple, discontiguous selections in the future.
javascript selection createRange( )
Creates a TextRange object from the current selection object. After a statement like the following: var myRange = document.selection.createRange( );
javascript selection containsNode( )
Returns Boolean true if the current selection object contains a node passed as a parameter. The second parameter is supposed to let you loosen or
javascript selection collapseToEnd( ), collapseToStart( )
Collapses the current selection to a location at the start ( collapseToStart( ) ) or end ( collapseToEnd( ) ) of the selection object. Any previo
javascript selection collapse( )
Collapses the current selection to a location specified by the two parameters. Any previously highlighted selection returns to normal display.
javascript selection clear( )
Deletes the content of the current selection in a document. For example, the event handler in the following tag deletes any selected text of the p
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