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javascript Operators void
This operator is commonly used with javascript: pseudo-URLs that invoke functions. If the function returns a value, that value is ignored by the calling expression.
javascript Operators catch
The catch operator is described in chapter: javascript Operators try/catch
javascript Operators break
Stops execution of the current loop and returns control to the next script statement following the end of the current loop.
javascript Operators &&
The AND operator compares two Boolean expressions for equality. If both expressions evaluate to true , the result of the && operator also
javascript Operators +
The addition operator works with both numbers and strings, but its results vary with the data types of its operands. When both operands are numbers,
javascript Operators +=
This is the add-by-value operator. This class of operator combines a regular assignment operator ( = ) with one of the many other operators to c
javascript Operators return
Stops execution of the current function. A return statement can be located anywhere within the function, including inside control structures. You c
javascript Operators with
The with statement adds an object to the scope of every statement nested within. This can shorten the code of some statement groups that rely on a
javascript Operators while
Executes statements in a loop as long as a condition is true. Because the condition is tested at the beginning of the loop, it is conceivable that und
javascript Operators typeof
The typeof operator returns one of six string descriptions of the data type of a value. Those returned types are: boolean function
javascript Operators try/catch
This construction provides a nondisruptive way to trap for errors and handle them gracefully. Both parts of this exception-handling construction are r
javascript Operators throw
Triggers an exception condition, passing a value along with the exception. Although the value you pass can be a simple string, ideally you should pa
javascript Operators this
Refers to the current object. For example, in a form control object event handler, you can pass the object as a parameter to the function: &lt
javascript Operators switch/case
Provides a shortcut to execution paths for numerous conditions of an expression. The optional break statement at the end of each case block shortcuts
javascript Operators for/in
This is a variation of the regular for loop that can extract the property names and values of an object. Only properties (and, in Netscape 6, meth
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