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javascript OBJECT Description
The object object reflects the object element. This is an updated way of embedding other media and external data into a document (through a plu
javascript OBJECT accessKey
This is single character key that either gives focus to an OBJECT element (in some browsers) or activates a form control or link action.
javascript OBJECT align
Defines how the OBJECT element is aligned relative to surrounding text content. Most values set the vertical relationship between the OBJECT element a
javascript OBJECT alt
Indicates the text to be displayed (or spoken) where the object element appears on the page when a browser doesn't download graphics (or is waitin
javascript OBJECT altHtml
Provides HTML content to be displayed if the object or applet fails to load. This can be a message, static image, or any other HTML that best fits t
javascript OBJECT archive
Reflects the archive attribute of the object element, but Version 6 browsers assign no functionality to either the attribute or property.
javascript OBJECT BaseHref
Returns the URL of the document containing the object element. Most commonly, the value is the same as the location.href of the current window.
javascript OBJECT border
Controls the thickness of the border in pixels. For cross-browser compatibility use string values.
javascript OBJECT contains( )
Returns whether the current element contains the specified element.
javascript OBJECT classid
Provides the URL of the object's implementation. In Internet Explorer, the URL can point to the client computer's CLSID directory (with a clsid:
javascript OBJECT code
Provides the name of the Java applet class file set to the code attribute of the object element (when using an object element in lieu of an
javascript OBJECT codeBase
This is the path to the directory holding the class file designated in either the code or classid attribute. The codebase attribute does not n
javascript OBJECT codeType
Provides an advisory about the content type of the object referred to by the classid attribute. A browser might use this information to assist in
javascript OBJECT contentDocument
Refers to a document node created by the object element, if any.
javascript OBJECT data
URL of a file containing data for the object element (as distinguished from the object itself). Relative URLs are calculated relative to the code
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