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javascript OBJECT width
The width property of OBJECT is described in chapter: javascript OBJECT height, width
javascript OBJECT vspace
The vspace property of OBJECT is described in chapter: javascript OBJECT hspace, vspace
javascript OBJECT useMap
Provides the URL of the map element in the same document that contains client-side image map hot areas and links. The value includes the hash mark
javascript OBJECT type
Provides an advisory about the MIME type of the external data to be loaded into the object. The browser looks to the type property value if the
javascript OBJECT tabIndex
This is a number that indicates the sequence of this OBJECT element within the tabbing order of all focusable elements in the document.
javascript OBJECT standby
This will eventually assume the duty of the alt attribute for displaying a message during loading. Currently has no effect on the element.
javascript OBJECT setCapture( )
Initiates IE capture mode for all click-related mouse events ( onclick , ondblclick , onmousedown , onmousemove , onmouseout , onmouseover ,
javascript OBJECT releaseCapture( )
Turns off mouse event capture mode that had been engaged earlier by the setCapture( ) method. In the IE event model, mouse event capture is design
javascript OBJECT readyState
Returns the current download status of the OBJECT object's content. This property provides intermediate information about the loading process.
javascript OBJECT object
Provides a reference to a wrapper around an object to allow access to document object model properties of the object element when the names may be
javascript OBJECT name
This is the identifier associated with the object element. If the object should be one that goes inside a form, the name property is submitted a
javascript OBJECT language
Indicates the scripting language for script statements defined in the element.
javascript OBJECT Lang
Indicates the written language being used for the element's attribute and property values. Other applications and search engines might use this info
javascript OBJECT isDisabled
Specifies whether the current element is disabled. Reveals the actual disabled state as either explicitly set for the element or inherited from its an
javascript OBJECT hspace, vspace
Provide the pixel measure of horizontal and vertical margins surrounding an object element. The hspace property affects the left and right edges
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