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javascript Global Description
The Global object lives in every window or frame of a JavaScript-enabled browser (it is created for you automatically). You don't ever reference t
javascript Global Infinity
Provides a numerical positive infinity (or negated with the - operator). We're talking a practical, as opposed to a theoretical, infinity here. An
javascript Global NaN
This is a value that is not-a-number. JavaScript returns this value when a numerical operation yields a non-numerical result because of a flaw in on
javascript Global undefined
While the undefined data type has been in ECMAScript and browsers since very early times, only recently was it also elevated to a formal property
javascript Global decodeURI( )
Returns a string with most URI-encoded values in the parameter restored to their original symbols. Operates only on escaped (encoded) characters tha
javascript Global atob( ), btoa( )
These methods let you convert arbitrary strings to a 65-character subset of the U.S.-ASCII character set.
javascript Global decodeURIComponent( )
Returns a string with all URI-encoded values in the parameter restored to their original symbols. Intended for use on data portions of a URI excluding
javascript Global encodeURI( )
Returns a string with most URI-encodable values in the parameter converted to their escaped versions (e.g., a space character is converted to %20 )
javascript Global encodeURIComponent( )
Returns a string with all characters except Latin character set letters A through Z (upper and lower cases), digits 0 through 9 , and a set
javascript Global escape( )
Returns a URL-encoded version of the string passed as a parameter to the function. URL encoding converts most nonalphanumeric characters (except *
javascript Global eval( )
Returns an object reference of the object described as a string in the parameter of the function. For example, if a form has a sequence of text fiel
javascript Global GetObject( )
Returns a reference to an ActiveX object hosted on the client machine whose path name the script is aware of. This is an alternate to creating an in
javascript Global isFinite( )
Returns a Boolean value of true if the number passed as a parameter is anything within the range of Number.MIN_VALUE and Number.MAX_VALUE , in
javascript Global isNaN( )
Returns a Boolean value of true if the expression passed as a parameter does not evaluate to a numeric value. Any expression that evaluates to Na
javascript Global parseInt( )
Returns an integer value (as a number data type in base-8 or base-10) of the numerals in the string passed as a parameter. The string value must at
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