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javascript Element Description
The W3C DOM Element object is from the Core module and represents the kind of element object you find in true XML documents.
javascript Element addBehavior( )
Attaches an internal or external IE behavior to the current element. After a script attaches the behavior, the element responds to events define
javascript Element applyElement( )
Inserts a new element as either a child element of the current object or as the new parent of the current object, depending on the value of the
javascript Element attachEvent( )
Binds an event handler function to an element object for a particular event type. Similar in operation to the W3C DOM addEventListener( ) meth
javascript Element behaviorUrns[ ]
Provides an array of Uniform Resource Names for all external behaviors ( .htc files) associated with the element through style sheet syntax. Perhap
javascript Element canHaveChildren
Specifies whether the current element may act as a container of other elements. The property value is based on IE for Windows built-in HTML DTDs, wh
javascript Element clearAttributes( )
Removes all attributes from the current element except for the id and name attributes (if specified). Any rendering characteristics influenced b
javascript Element click( )
Simulates the click action of a user on the element. Fires an onclick event in Internet Explorer 4 and later and Navigator 4 and later. Note in br
javascript Element getAttributeNode( )
Returns a reference to the attribute node ( Attr object) associated with the name. This type of node is the same kind that populates the array retu
javascript Element getAttributeNS( )
Returns the value of the local-named attribute with a matching namespace URI within the current element. This method works like getAttribute( ) bu
javascript Element getElementsByTagName( )
Returns an array of all descendant elements of the current element whose tag name matches the parameter of the method. Elements in the array include
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