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javascript Element uniqueID
Returns an identifier string that is unique among all object identifiers on the page. Used primarily to assign an ID to newly created elements when
javascript Element tagName
Returns the name of the tag of the current element. Tag names are always returned in all uppercase letters for purposes of string comparisons, regar
javascript Element setAttributeNodeNS( )
When the setAttributeNodeNS( ) method is invoked, the browser first looks for a match between the new attribute's pairing of local name and namespace
javascript Element setAttributeNode( )
When the setAttributeNode( ) method is invoked, the browser first looks for a match between the new attribute's name and existing attribute names.
javascript Element setAttributeNS( )
Inserts or replaces an attribute in the current element. If a match exists among the element's attributes for both the namespace URI and the qualifi
javascript Element setAttribute( )
Sets the value of the named attribute within the current element. If the attribute is reflected in the object model as a property, this method acts
javascript Element setActive( )
Makes the current element the active element without scrolling the page to bring the active element into view. Nor does the method change focus betw
javascript Element sourceIndex
Returns the zero-based index of the element among all elements in the document. Elements are numbered according to their source code order, with
javascript Element scopeName, tagUrn
For custom elements employing XML namespaces, the scopeName property returns the identifier that associates the tag name with a namespace that
javascript Element removeBehavior( )
Disconnects the association between the current element and a behavior that had been made earlier via the addBehavior( ) method. The parameter is
javascript Element removeAttributeNS( )
Removes the local-named attribute with a matching namespace URI from the current element. This method works like removeAttribute( ) but accommodat
javascript Element removeAttributeNode( )
Removes the attribute from the current element indicated by the parameter reference to an existing Attr node object. This provides an alternate wa
javascript Element removeAttribute( )
Removes the named attribute from the current element. An IE 4 requirement that limited attribute removal to attributes that had been added with the
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