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javascript Element getElementsByTagNameNS( )
Returns an array of all descendant elements of the current element which have a local name that matches the second parameter of the method, and
javascript Element hasAttribute( )
Returns a Boolean value true if the current element has an attribute whose name matches the method parameter.
javascript Element hasAttributeNS( )
Returns a Boolean value true if the current element has an attribute with a local name that matches the method's second parameter, and a names
javascript Element hideFocus
Specifies whether the browser should display a dotted focus rectangle around the element if it has focus. The element continues to be able to receiv
javascript Element id
Specifies a unique identifier that distinguishes this element from all the rest in the document. The value of this property is most often used to as
javascript Element innerText
Indicates the rendered text (but not any tags) of the current element. If you want the rendered text as well as any nested HTML tags, see innerHTML.
javascript Element insertAdjacentElement( )
Inserts an element object into the designated position relative to the current element. Typically, the element object about to be inserted is create
javascript Element isContentEditable
Specifies whether the current element has IE/Windows user editing engaged. Reveals the actual editing state as either explicitly set for the element
javascript Element IsMultiLine
Specifies whether the current element allows content to extend across multiple lines. Most text containers allow multiple lines, but other kinds of
javascript Element mergeAttributes( )
Copies attribute name/value pairs from the element specified as a parameter to the current element. This is helpful for copying a large set of a
javascript Element offsetHeight, offsetWidth
provide the height and width of the element's content, but with minor variations with respect to element borders and padding among various operating s
javascript Element offsetParent
Returns a reference to the object that is the current element's offset positioning context.
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