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@March 15, 2008, 1:22 a.m.
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Provides the name of the window or frame that is to receive content as the result of navigating to a link or any other action on the page that loads a new document. Such names are assigned to frames by the frame element's name attribute; for subwindows, the name is assigned via the second parameter of the ) method. If you need the services of a target attribute to open a linked page in a blank browser window and you also need the HTML to validate under strict HTML or XHTML DTDs, you can omit the target attribute in the code, but assign a value to the base element's target property by script after the page loads.

document.getElementById("myBase").target = "_blank";

String value of the window or frame name, or any of the following constants (as a string): _parent | _self | _top | _blank. The _parent value targets the frameset to which the current document belongs; the _self value targets the current window; the _top value targets the main browser window, thereby eliminating all frames; and the _blank value creates a new window of default size.



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