Whimsical watercolor floral design in bright summer colors.
The image is a seamless floral pattern with a dark background. The flowers are mostly white, orange, and blue with green leaves. The flowers are of different sizes and shapes and are arranged in a repeating pattern.
This is a computer-generated image of a flower. The petals are a light blue color. The outermost petals are long and pointed, while the innermost petals are shorter and rounder. The center of the flower is a deep blue color with a yellow stamen. The edges of the petals are outlined in black.
This is a raster image of a flower with 15 petals. The petals are a gradient of orange and yellow, with the base of the petals being orange and the tips being yellow. The center of the flower is a sphere that is also a gradient of orange and yellow. The sphere is slightly raised above the petals. The edges of the petals and the sphere have a black outline.
The image shows a bouquet of flowers. There are three main flowers in the bouquet. The largest flower is a white peony with a light purple tinge. The second largest flower is a pink rose. The third largest flower is a purple iris. There are also several smaller flowers and buds in the bouquet. The flowers are all surrounded by green leaves. The bouquet is tied together with a pink ribbon.
20 credits


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