Pink, purple, and yellow flowers on a brown background.
The image is a seamless floral pattern with a variety of flowers, including pink roses, purple irises, and yellow sunflowers. The flowers are arranged in bouquets with green leaves and vines. The background is a solid brown color.
This is a watercolor painting of purple, blue, and white flowers. The petals are soft and delicate, and the colors are vibrant and saturated. The leaves are a deep green color, and they are veined with a lighter green. The background is white, and it allows the flowers to stand out. The painting is signed by the artist, and it is dated 2023.
a vibrant flower with a central, orange petals and a yellow center. the flower is isolated against a white background. the petals are spread out, creating a vibrant flower that fills the entire frame.
The image shows a bouquet of pink flowers with green leaves. The flowers have a light pink color with darker pink veins. The leaves have a dark green color with light green veins. There is a blue butterfly on the left side of the bouquet. The butterfly has a light blue color with darker blue markings on its wings. The butterfly is perched on a leaf. The bouquet is tied together with a thin, dark pink ribbon. The background is white.
20 credits


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