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javascript TreeWalker Description
The TreeWalker object is a live, hierarchical list of nodes that meet criteria defined by the document.createTreeWalker( ) method. The list ass
javascript TreeWalker currentNode
Returns a reference to the node where the TreeWalker 's pointer is positioned. But more importantly, you can also assign a document tree node refe
javascript TreeWalker expandEntityReference, filter, root, whatToShow
These four properties reflect the parameter values passed to the document.createTreeWalker( ) method when the object was created.
javascript TreeWalker firstChild( ), lastChild( ), nextSibling( ), parentNode( ), previousSibling( )
These methods return references to nodes within the hierarchy of items in the TreeWalker object. The parent-descendant relationships between nodes
javascript TreeWalker nextNode( ), previousNode( )
Move the internal NodeIterator pointer one position forward ( nextNode( ) ) or backward ( previousNode( ) ), while returning a reference to the n

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