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javascript TextRange Description
The TextRange object -- similar in concept to the Netscape 6 and W3C DOM Range objectrepresents the text of zero or more characters in a docume
javascript TextRange boundingHeight, boundingWidth
Return the pixel measure of the imaginary space occupied by the TextRange object. Although you do not see a TextRange object in the document (un
javascript TextRange boundingLeft, boundingTop
Return the pixel distance between the top or left of the browser window or frame and the top or left edges of the imaginary space occupied by the T
javascript TextRange htmlText
Specifies all HTML of the document for a given element when that element is used as the basis for a TextRange object. For example, if you create a
javascript TextRange text
Indicates the text contained by the text range. In the case of a TextRange object of a body element, this consists of only the text that is rend
javascript TextRange collapse( )
Reduces the TextRange object to a length of zero (creating an insertion point) at the beginning or end of the text range before it collapsed.
javascript TextRange compareEndPoints( )
Compares the relative position of the boundary (start and end) points of two ranges (the current range and one that had been previously saved to a v
javascript TextRange duplicate( )
Creates a new TextRange object with the same values as the current range. The new object is an independent object (the old and new do not equal ea
javascript TextRange execCommand( )
Executes the named command on the current TextRange object. Many commands work best when the TextRange object is an insertion point.
javascript TextRange expand( )
Expands the current text range (including a collapsed range) to encompass the textual unit passed as a parameter. For example, if someone selects so
javascript TextRange findText( )
Searches the current TextRange object for a match of a string passed as the required first parameter. By default, matching is done on a case-insen
javascript TextRange getBookmark( ), moveToBookmark( )
These two methods work together as a way to temporarily save a text range specification and restore it when needed. The getBookmark( ) method retu
javascript TextRange inRange( )
Determines whether the comparison range is within or equal to the physical range of the current text range.
javascript TextRange isEqual( )
Determines whether the comparison range is identical to the current text range.
javascript TextRange move( )
Collapses the current text range to an insertion point at the end of the current range and moves it forward or backward from the current position by
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