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javascript TextRange setEndPoint( )
Sets the end point of the current TextRange object to the end point of another range that had previously been preserved as a variable reference.
javascript TextRange select( )
Selects all the text that is included in the current TextRange object. This method brings some visual confirmation to users that a script knows ab
javascript TextRange queryCommandValue( )
Returns the value associated with the command, such as the name font of the selection.
javascript TextRange queryCommandText( )
Returns text associated with the command.
javascript TextRange queryCommandSupported( )
Determines whether the named command is supported by the document object.
javascript TextRange CommaqueryndState( )
Determines the current state of the named command.
javascript TextRange queryCommandIndeterm( )
Indicates whether the command is in an indeterminate state.
javascript TextRange queryCommandEnabled( )
Indicates whether the command can be invoked in light of the current state of the document or selection.
javascript TextRange pasteHTML( )
Replaces the current text range with the HTML content supplied as a parameter string. Typically, this method is used on a zero-length text range obj
javascript TextRange parentElement( )
Returns an object reference to the next outermost element that fully contains the TextRange object.
javascript TextRange moveToPoint( )
Collapses the text range to an insertion pointer and sets its location to the spot indicated by the horizontal and vertical coordinates in the brows
javascript TextRange moveToElementText( )
Moves the current TextRange object's start and end points to encase the specified HTML element object. The resulting text range includes the HTML for
javascript TextRange moveEnd( ), moveStart( )
Moves only the end or start point (respectively) of the current text range by one or more units. An optional parameter lets you specify both the num
javascript TextRange move( )
Collapses the current text range to an insertion point at the end of the current range and moves it forward or backward from the current position by
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