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javascript TD width
The width property of TD is described in chapter: javascript TD height, width
javascript TD vAlign
Specifies the manner of vertical alignment of text within the element's content box.
javascript TD rowSpan
Specifies the number of rows through which the current table cell should extend itself downward. For each additional row included in the rowSpan count
javascript TD noWrap
Indicates whether the browser should render the cell as wide as is necessary to display a line of nonbreaking text on one line. Abuse of this attrib
javascript TD height, width
Specify the height and width of the element. Changes to these values are immediately reflected in reflowed content on the page. These properties are
javascript TD headers
Points to the ID of a table cell element designated as a column header for the current cell. In practice, no mainstream browsers provide functionali
javascript TD focus( )
Gives focus from the current TD object, at which time the TD object's onfocus event fires. Note that the range of elements capable of focus and blur i
javascript TD filters[ ]
Returns an array of all filter objects contained by the current TD element.
javascript TD colSpan
Specifies the number of columns across which the current table cell should extend itself. For each additional column included in the colSpan count
javascript TD clientHeight, clientWidth
Broadly speaking, these provide the height and width of the TD element's content, but with minor variations with respect to element padding among vari
javascript TD chOff
Defines the offset point at which the character specified by the char attribute is to appear within a cell. In practice, neither IE nor Navigator
javascript TD ch
Defines the text character used as an alignment point for text within a cell. This property is normally of value only for the align attribute set
javascript TD cellIndex
Returns a zero-based integer representing the position of the current cell among all other td elements in the same row. The count is based on the
javascript TD borderColorDark, borderColorLight
document.getElementById("myTD").borderColorDark = "blue"; document.getElementById("myTD").borderColorLight = "cornf
javascript TD borderColor
Provides the color of the element's border. Internet Explorer applies the color to all four lines that make up the interior border of a cell. Theref
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