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javascript styleSheet Description
The styleSheet object represents a style sheet that may have been created as a style element or imported with a link element or @import sta
javascript styleSheet cssRules[ ]
Returns a collection of cssRule objects nested within the current styleSheet object. The IE-only equivalent is the rules property. See the c
javascript styleSheet cssText
Contains the entire text (as a string) of all rules defined in the style sheet. This is useful primarily if you wish to replace the entire set of ru
javascript styleSheet disabled
Specifies whether the styleSheet element is available for user interaction. When set to true, the element cannot receive focus or be modified by the u
javascript styleSheet href
This is the URL specified by a link element's href attribute (when the link is used to import a style sheet). This value is read/write in IE fo
javascript styleSheet imports[ ]
Returns a collection (array) of styleSheet objects imported into an explicit styleSheet object via the @import rule. See the imports collec
javascript styleSheet media
Specifies the intended output device for the content governed by the style sheet (reflecting the media attribute of the link and style element
javascript styleSheet ownerNode
Returns a reference to the document tree node that contains the styleSheet object. This node is either a style or link element, depending on
javascript styleSheet ownerRule
For a styleSheet object brought into the document via an @import rule, returns a reference to that @import rule object (a W3C DOM CSSImportR
javascript styleSheet owningElement
Returns a reference to the style or link element object that defines the current styleSheet object. Each document maintains a collection of s
javascript styleSheet pages[ ]
Returns a collection (array) of page objects ( @page rules) nested within a styleSheet object. For Netscape 6, you must loop through all cssR
javascript styleSheet parentStyleSheet
For a styleSheet object generated by virtue of inclusion with an @page rule, the parentStyleSheet property returns a reference to the styleS
javascript styleSheet readOnly
Specifies whether the style sheet can be modified under script control. Style sheets imported through a link element or an @import rule cannot b
javascript styleSheet rules[ ]
Returns a collection of rule objects nested within the current styleSheet object. The W3C DOM equivalent (implemented in Netscape 6 and IE 5/Mac
javascript styleSheet title
Exposes the title attribute of the style or link element that owns the current styleSheet object. Since the attribute does not affect user
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