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javascript SELECT Description
The select object reflects the select element. This element is a form control that contains option elements. Note that the innerHTML and i
javascript SELECT accessKey
This is single character key that either gives focus to an SELECT element (in some browsers) or activates a form control or link action
javascript SELECT blur( )
Removes focus from the current object, at which time the object's onblur event fires. Note that the range of elements capable of focus and blur (both
javascript SELECT dataFld
Used with IE data binding to associate a remote data source column name with the selectedIndex property of the select object. A datasrc attri
javascript SELECT dataSrc
Used with IE data binding to specify the ID of the page's SELECT object element that loads the data source object for remote data access.
javascript SELECT disabled
Specifies whether the SELECT element is available for user interaction. When set to true, the element cannot receive focus or be modified by the user
javascript SELECT focus( )
Gives focus from the current SELECT object, at which time the SELECT object's onfocus event fires.
javascript SELECT form
Returns a reference to the form element that contains the current SELECT element. When processing an event from this element, the event handler functi
javascript SELECT length
The number of option objects nested inside the select object. The value returned is the same as the select object options.length property,
javascript SELECT multiple
Specifies whether the browser should render the select element as a list box and allow users to make multiple selections from the list of options.
javascript SELECT name
This is the identifier associated with the form control contains current SELECT element. The value of this property is submitted as one-half of the na
javascript SELECT options[ ]
Returns an array of all option objects contained by the current element. Items in this array are indexed (zero-based) in source code order. For de
javascript SELECT recordNumber
Used with IE data binding, returns an integer representing the record within the data set that generated the SELECT element (i.e., an element whose co
javascript SELECT selectedIndex
This is the zero-based integer of the option selected by the user. If the select element is set to allow multiple selections, the selectedIndex proper
javascript SELECT size
Controls the number of rows displayed in a scrolling pick list, reflecting the size attribute of the select element. When set to true , the m
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