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javascript SCRIPT Description
The script object reflects the script element. Internet Explorer 4 for Windows chokes on accessing or setting the innerHTML or innerText pr
javascript SCRIPT charset
Indicates the character encoding of the script content.
javascript SCRIPT defer
Specifies whether the browser should proceed with rendering regular HTML content without looking for the script to generate content as the page load
javascript SCRIPT event
Internet Explorer's event model allows binding of object events to script elements with the help of the event and for attributes (see Chapter
javascript SCRIPT htmlFor
Returns the value (element ID) assigned to the for attribute of a script element. This attribute points to the ID of the element to which the sc
javascript SCRIPT readyState
Returns the current download status of the SCRIPT object's content. This property provides intermediate information about the loading process.
javascript SCRIPT src
Provides the URL of the . js script file imported into the current script element. If you assign a new .js file to an existing script element i
javascript SCRIPT text
Indicates the text content of the element. Assigning script statements to this object has different results in various browsers. In late versions of
javascript SCRIPT type
Provides an advisory about the content type of the script statements. The content type should tell the browser which scripting engine to use to inte

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