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javascript screen Description
The screen object refers to the video display on which the browser is being viewed. Many video control panel settings influence the property value
javascript screen availHeight, availWidth
Provide the height and width of the content region of the user's video monitor in pixels. This measure does not include the 24-pixel task bar (Windo
javascript screen availLeft, availTop
Provide the pixel coordinates of the left and top edges of the screen that is available for content. With the standard Windows Taskbar arrangement,
javascript screen bufferDepth
Specifies the setting of the offscreen bitmap buffer. Path animation smoothness may improve on some clients if you match the bufferDepth to the c
javascript screen colorDepth
Returns the number of bits per pixel used to display color in the video monitor or image buffer. Although this property is read-only, its value can
javascript screen deviceXDPI, deviceYDPI, logicalXDPI, logicalYDPI
All four properties concern themselves with the dots-per-inch resolution of display screens along the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) axes. A device
javascript screen fontSmoothingEnabled
Returns Boolean true if the user has enabled Smooth Edges for fonts in the Windows Display control panel. The setting may influence the font-relat
javascript screen height, width
Return the number of pixels available vertically and horizontally in the client video monitor. This is the raw dimension. For the amount of screen s
javascript screen pixelDepth
Returns the number of bits per pixel used to display color in the video monitor. This value is similar to the colorDepth property, but it is not i
javascript screen updateInterval
Provides the time interval (in milliseconds) between screen updates. A value of zero lets the browser select an average that usually works best. The
javascript screen width
The height property of screen is placed in chapter: javascript screen height, width

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