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javascript RegExp Description
The RegExp object is a static object that both generates instances of a regular expression and monitors all regular expression in the current wind
javascript RegExp index
This is the zero-based index value of the character position within the string where the most recent search for the pattern began. The lastIndex p
javascript RegExp input
This is the main string against which a regular expression is compared. If the main string is handed to the regular expression operation as a parame
javascript RegExp lastIndex
This property is echoed in the regular expression object instance, and is supported there in Navigator.
javascript RegExp lastMatch
Returns the string that matches the regular expression as a result of the most recent operation. The short version is $& .
javascript RegExp lastParen
Returns the string that matches the last parenthesized subcomponent of the regular expression as a result of the most recent operation. The short ve
javascript RegExp leftContext, rightContext
The leftContext property returns the string starting with the beginning of the most recent searched text up to, but not including, the matching st
javascript RegExp multiline
If the search extends across multiple lines of text, the multiline property is set to true . A search through text in a textarea element, for
javascript RegExp prototype
See this property for the Array object.
javascript RegExp $1, ..., $9
Parenthesized subcomponents of a regular expression return results. These results are stored individually in properties labeled 1 through 9

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