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javascript options Description
An array of option elements nested within a select object.
javascript options length
Returns the number of elements in the collection of options.
javascript options add( )
Adds an already-created element (from the createElement( ) method) to the current collection. The element must be of the option type. By default
javascript options item( )
In IE only, if you specify a string value for the first parameter, you can use the second parameter to specify a zero-based index that retrieves the s
javascript options namedItem( )
Returns a single option object corresponding to the element matching the parameter string value.
javascript options remove( )
Deletes an element from the current collection. Simply specify the zero-based index value of the option element you wish to remove from the collec
javascript options tags( )
Returns a collection of option objects (among all objects nested within the current collection) with tags that match the tagName parameter.
javascript options urns( )
The urns() method of options is described in chapter: javascript all urns( )

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