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javascript OPTION Description
The option object reflects the option element, which must be nested inside a select element. References to option objects most often use it
javascript OPTION defaultSelected
Determines whether an element has the selected attribute set in the tag. You can compare the current selected property against defaultSelected
javascript OPTION form
Returns a reference to the form object that contains the select element and its options.
javascript OPTION index
Returns the zero-based index integer value of the current option object within the collection of options of the select element. The select obje
javascript OPTION label
Reflects the label attribute of the option element. This property is intended for use with hierarchical menus, but it is not operational in brow
javascript OPTION selected
Determines whether the list option has been selected by the user, meaning that its value is submitted with the form. Scripts can modify the value to
javascript OPTION text
Provides the text associated with the option element. This text is located between the start and end tags; it is what appears in the select elem
javascript OPTION value
Provides the value associated with the option element. If the option element has a value attribute or value property set, this is the value

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