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javascript Object_Obj Description
In addition to serving quietly as the foundation of all native JavaScript objects, the Object object is the pure model of the JavaScript object in
javascript Object_Obj constructor
Provides a reference to the function that created the instance of an Object objectthe native Object( ) constructor function in browsers.
javascript Object_Obj prototype
This is a property of the static Object . Use the prototype property to assign new properties and methods to future instances of an Object crea
javascript Object_Obj hasOwnProperty( )
Returns Boolean true if, at the time the current object's instance was created, its constructor (or literal assignment) contained a property with
javascript Object_Obj isPrototypeOf( )
Returns Boolean true if the current object and the object passed as a parameter coincide at some point along each object's prototype inheritance c
javascript Object_Obj propertyIsEnumerable( )
Returns Boolean true if the property, whose name is passed as a parameter, exposes itself to for / in property inspection through the object.
javascript Object_Obj toLocaleString( )
Browsers are free to determine how to localize string representations of object instances. For now, they appear to perform the same action as the t
javascript Object_Obj toString( )
Returns the object's value as a string data type. In recent browsers, this value is [object Object] .
javascript Object_Obj valueOf( )
Returns the Object_Obj object's value.

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