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javascript navigator taintEnabled( )
Returns whether data tainting is turned on in the browser. This security mechanism was never fully implemented in Navigator, but the method that che
javascript navigator preference( )
By way of signed scripts in Navigator 4, you can access a wide variety of user preferences settings. These include even the most detailed items, suc
javascript navigator javaEnabled( )
Returns whether Java is turned on in the browser. This method obviously won't help you in a nonscriptable browser (or scriptable browser that doesn'
javascript navigator vendor, vendorSub
Return a string identifying the browser product that employs the Mozilla engine. In Netscape 6, the vendor property returns Netscape6 , while Net
javascript navigator userProfile
The userProfile property is, itself, an object that lets scripts request permission to access personal information stored in the visitor's user pr
javascript navigator userLanguage
The default written language of the browser, based on the operating system user profile setting (if one exists). The property defaults to the brows
javascript navigator userAgent
Provides information about the browser software, including version, operating system platform, and brand. This is the most complete set of informati
javascript navigator systemLanguage
Specifies the code for the default written language used by the operating system. If you have multi-lingual content available, you can use this proper
javascript navigator securityPolicy
Returns a string in Navigator 4 revealing the browser's encryption level (that is, the domestic or export encryption policy to which the browser adh
javascript navigator product, productSub
Return a string identifying the software engine behind the browser. In Netscape 6, the product property returns Gecko , while the productSub p
javascript navigator plugins[ ]
Returns a collection of plugin objects recognized by the browser to facilitate script determination of the browser's support for a particular extern
javascript navigator platform
Returns the name of the operating system or hardware platform of the browser. For Windows 95/NT, the value is Win32 ; for a Macintosh running a Pow
javascript navigator oscpu
Returns a string containing operating system or central processing unit information about the client machine. Values vary widely across systems. Windo
javascript navigator onLine
Specifies whether the browser is set for online or offline browsing (in Internet Explorer's File menu). Pages may wish to invoke live server actio
javascript navigator mimeTypes
Returns an array of mimeType objects supported by installed plugins in the browser. IE for Windows provides this property for syntactical compatib
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