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javascript navigator Description
The navigator object in many ways represents the browser application. As such, the browser is outside the scope of the document object model. Even
javascript navigator appCodeName
Reveals the code name of the browser. Both Navigator and Internet Explorer return Mozilla , which was the code name for an early version of Navigat
javascript navigator appMinorVersion
With succeeding generations of Internet Explorer, this property returns a dizzying range of values, most of which are not useful for typical version
javascript navigator appName
Reveals the model name of the browser.
javascript navigator appVersion
Reveals a version number of the browser engine, along with minimal operating system platform information (a subset of the information returned by u
javascript navigator browserLanguage
Provides the default written language of the browser. The Navigator equivalent is the navigator.language property.
javascript navigator cookieEnabled
Returns whether the browser allows reading and writing of cookie data.
javascript navigator cpuClass
Returns a string reference of the CPU of the client computer. Common Intel microprocessors (including Pentium-class CPUs and Macintoshes running Windo
javascript navigator language
Indicates the written language for which the browser version was created. The language is specified in the ISO 639 language code scheme (such as en
javascript navigator mimeTypes
Returns an array of mimeType objects supported by installed plugins in the browser. IE for Windows provides this property for syntactical compatib
javascript navigator onLine
Specifies whether the browser is set for online or offline browsing (in Internet Explorer's File menu). Pages may wish to invoke live server actio
javascript navigator oscpu
Returns a string containing operating system or central processing unit information about the client machine. Values vary widely across systems. Windo
javascript navigator platform
Returns the name of the operating system or hardware platform of the browser. For Windows 95/NT, the value is Win32 ; for a Macintosh running a Pow
javascript navigator plugins[ ]
Returns a collection of plugin objects recognized by the browser to facilitate script determination of the browser's support for a particular extern
javascript navigator product, productSub
Return a string identifying the software engine behind the browser. In Netscape 6, the product property returns Gecko , while the productSub p
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