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javascript LINK Description
The link object reflects the link element. Note that many of the properties listed here are not available for scripting in the object unless th
javascript LINK charset
Indicates the character encoding of the content at the other end of the link.
javascript LINK disabled
Specifies whether the LINK element is available for user interaction. When set to true, the element cannot receive focus or be modified by the user
javascript LINK href
Provides the URL specified by the element's href attribute. In IE/Windows, you can assign a new URL to this property to load in an alternate style
javascript LINK hreflang
Specifies the language code of the content at the destination of a link. Requires that the href attribute or property also be set.
javascript LINK media
Specifies the intended output device for the content of the destination document pointed to by the href attribute. The media property looks forw
javascript LINK readyState
Returns the current download status of the object's content. If a script (especially one initiated by a user event) can perform some actions whi
javascript LINK rel
Defines the relationship between the current element and the external item pointed to by the link. Also known as a forward link , not to be confuse
javascript LINK rev
Defines the relationship between the current element and the destination of the link. Also known as a reverse link . This property is not fully exp
javascript LINK sheet
The content of LINK sheet is exactyly same as javascript LinkStyle sheet
javascript LINK styleSheet
This nonstandard convenience property returns a reference to the styleSheet object linked into the current document when a style sheet is specifie
javascript LINK target
Indicates the window or frame name to be the recipient of linked content. Default value (equivalent of _self ) is the desired setting for linked st
javascript LINK type
Indicates an advisory MIME type declaration about the data being loaded from an external source. For example, an external style sheet would be text

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