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javascript layer routeEvent( )
Used inside an event handler function, this method directs Navigator to let the event pass to its intended target object.
javascript layer resizeTo( )
Convenience method that adjusts the height and width of the current element to specific pixel sizes. The top and left edges of the element remain fi
javascript layer resizeBy( )
A convenience method that shifts the width and height of the current element by specified pixel amounts. To adjust along only one axis, set the othe
javascript layer releaseEvents( )
The opposite of layerObj .captureEvents( ) , this method turns off event capture at the layer level for one or more specific events named in the
javascript layer moveTo( ), moveToAbsolute( )
Convenience methods that shift the location of the current element to a specific coordinate point. The differences between the two methods show when
javascript layer moveBy( )
A convenience method that shifts the location of the current element by specified pixel amounts along both axes. To shift along only one axis, set t
javascript layer moveAbove( ), moveBelow( )
These methods shift the z-order of the current layer to a specific location relative to another, sibling layer. This is helpful if your script is no
javascript layer load( )
This method lets you load a new document into a layer object. It does not work properly in Navigator 4 for ilayer elements. The existing docume
javascript layer handleEvent[ ]
Instructs the layer object to accept and process the event whose specifications are passed as the parameter to the method
javascript layer captureEvents( )
Instructs the browser to grab events of a specific type before they reach their intended target layer objects.
javascript layer zIndex
For a positioned element, determines the stacking order relative to other elements within the same parent container.
javascript layer visibility
Indicates the state of the positioned element's visibility. Surrounding content does not close the space left by an element whose visibility prope
javascript layer top
For positionable elements, defines the position of the top edge of an layer element's box relative to the top edge of the next outermost block content
javascript layer src
Assigning a new URL to this property does not work with inline layers (ilayer elements) in Navigator 4
javascript layer siblingAbove, siblingBelow
Return a reference to the positionable element whose stacking z-order is above or below the current element, but only within the context of the shar
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