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javascript layer Description
The layer object reflects the layer and ilayer elements. Found in Navigator 4 only. Other elements (such as div and span ) that have style
javascript layer above, below
Return a reference to the positionable element whose stacking z-order is above or below the current element. These properties operate in the context
javascript layer background
This property holds an image object that has a src property that can be set to change the image used for the layer's background. In other words, y
javascript layer bgColor
Provides the background color of the element. While you may set the value with either a hexadecimal triplet or plain-language color value
javascript layer clip
Defines a clipping region of a positionable element. This property is treated more like an object in itself, in that you adjust its values through s
javascript layer hidden
Specifies whether the object is visible on the page. When the object is hidden, its surrounding content does not close the gap left by the element.
javascript layer left
For positionable elements, defines the position (in pixels) of the left edge of an element's box (content plus left padding, border, and/or margin)
javascript layer name
This is the identifier associated with a layer for use as the value assigned to target attributes or as script references to the frame. If no valu
javascript layer pageX, pageY
Provide the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) position of the object relative to the top and left edges of the entire document.
javascript layer parentLayer
Returns a reference to the next outermost layer in the containment hierarchy. For a single layer in a document, its parentLayer is the window o
javascript layer siblingAbove, siblingBelow
Return a reference to the positionable element whose stacking z-order is above or below the current element, but only within the context of the shar
javascript layer src
Assigning a new URL to this property does not work with inline layers (ilayer elements) in Navigator 4
javascript layer top
For positionable elements, defines the position of the top edge of an layer element's box relative to the top edge of the next outermost block content
javascript layer visibility
Indicates the state of the positioned element's visibility. Surrounding content does not close the space left by an element whose visibility prope
javascript layer zIndex
For a positioned element, determines the stacking order relative to other elements within the same parent container.
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