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javascript label_Object Description
The label object reflects the label element.
javascript label_Object accessKey
This is single character key that either gives focus to an label_Object element (in some browsers) or activates a form control or link action.
javascript label_Object dataFld
Used with IE data binding to associate a remote data source column name with the displayed text of the input element label. A datasrc attribute mu
javascript label_Object dataFormatAs
document.forms[0].myLabel.dataFormatAs = "html"; this property advises the browser whether the label_Object source material arriving from th
javascript label_Object dataSrc
Used with IE data binding to specify the ID of the page's label object element that loads the data source object for remote data access.
javascript label_Object form
Returns a reference to the next outermost form element object in the document tree. Multiple label element objects within the same form eleme
javascript label_Object htmlFor
Provides the element id of the input element to which the label is associated (the value of the for attribute). Binds the label element to

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