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javascript InputTypeText Description
The text object is a form control generated with an input element that has a type attribute set to "text" . This object is the primary way o
javascript InputTypeText dataFld
Used with IE 4 data binding to associate a remote data source column name to a text object's value property. A datasrc attribute must also be
javascript InputTypeText dataSrc
Used with IE data binding to specify the ID of the page's object element that loads the data source object for remote data access. Content from th
javascript InputTypeText defaultValue
The default text for the text input element, as established by the value attribute.
javascript InputTypeText form
Returns a reference to the form element that contains the current element.When processing an event from this element, the event handler function a
javascript InputTypeText maxLength
Indicates the maximum number of characters that may be typed into a text input element. In practice, browsers beep or otherwise alert users when a
javascript InputTypeText name
This is the identifier associated with the form control contains current InputTypeText element. The value of this property is submitted as one-half of
javascript InputTypeText readOnly
Specifies whether the form element can be edited on the page by the user. A form control that has a readOnly property set to true may still be m
javascript InputTypeText size
Roughly speaking, indicates the width in characters that the input box should be sized to accommodate. In practice, the browser does not always accu
javascript InputTypeText type
Returns the type of form Text control element. The value is returned in all lowercase letters.
javascript InputTypeText value
Indicates the current value associated with the form control that is submitted with the name/value pair for the element. All values are strings, whi
javascript InputTypeText createTextRange( )
Creates a TextRange object from the content of the text object. See the TextRange object for details.
javascript InputTypeText handleEvent[ ]
Instructs the InputTypeText object to accept and process the event whose specifications are passed as the parameter to the method
javascript InputTypeText select( )
Selects all the text displayed in the form element. You should invoke the focus( ) method on the element prior to the select( ) method. Moreover

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