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javascript InputTypeImage Description
The image-type input object is first and foremost a button-like form control element, but with several characteristics of an img element, as wel
javascript InputTypeImage alt
Provides text to be displayed (or spoken) where the image-type input element appears on the page when a browser does not download graphics (or is
javascript InputTypeImage complete
Reveals whether the image-type input element's src or lowsrc image file has fully loaded. See the complete property of the img object fo
javascript InputTypeImage dynsrc
Provides the URL of a video clip to be displayed through the image-type input element's image. See the dynsrc property of the img object for
javascript InputTypeImage form
Returns a reference to the form element that contains the current InputTypeImage element. When processing an event from this element, the event handle
javascript InputTypeImage height, width
Indicate the height and width in pixels of the image rendered in the input element. See the height and width properties of the img object f
javascript InputTypeImage hspace, vspace
Indicate the pixel measure of horizontal and vertical margins surrounding an image-type input object. See the hspace and vspace properties of
javascript InputTypeImage loop
If you specify a video clip with the dynsrc attribute, the loop property controls how many times the clip should play (loop). See the loop pr
javascript InputTypeImage lowsrc
Provides the URL of a lower-resolution (or alternate) image to download into the document space if the image of the src attribute will take a long
javascript InputTypeImage name
This is the identifier associated with the form control. The value of this property is submitted associated with click coordinate values (within the
javascript InputTypeImage src
Provides the relative or complete URL of the image file currently loaded or to be loaded into the image-type input element. See the src property
javascript InputTypeImage start
If you specify a video clip with the dynsrc attribute, the start property controls the action that causes the clip to start running. See the s
javascript InputTypeImage type
Returns the type of form control element. The value is returned in lowercase letters. It may be necessary to cycle through all form elements in sear
javascript InputTypeImage useMap
Provides the URL of the map element in the same document that contains client-side image map hot areas and links to be applied to the image. See t
javascript InputTypeImage vspace
The vspace property of InputTypeImage is described in chapter: javascript InputTypeImage hspace, vspace
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