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javascript InputTypeFile Description
The fileUpload object is a form control generated with an input element whose type attribute is set to "file" . The "fileUpload" t
javascript InputTypeFile accept
Provides an optional advisory property consisting of a string of one or more comma-delimited MIME types of files that are being uploaded. Values hav
javascript InputTypeFile defaultValue
Returns the string assigned to the value attribute of the element in the source code (except in IE for Windows, which returns an empty string). A
javascript InputTypeFile form
Returns a reference to the form element that contains the current InputTypeFile element (if any).
javascript InputTypeFile name
This is the identifier associated with the form control. The value of this property is submitted as one-half of the name/value pair when the form is
javascript InputTypeFile size
Roughly speaking, indicates the width in characters that the input text box portion of the file input element should be sized to accommodate. In pra
javascript InputTypeFile type
Returns the type of form File control element. The value is returned in all lowercase letters.
javascript InputTypeFile value
Indicates the current value associated with the form control that is submitted with the name/value pair for the element. For a fileUpload object,
javascript InputTypeFile handleEvent[ ]
Instructs the InputTypeFile object to accept and process the event whose specifications are passed as the parameter to the method
javascript InputTypeFile select( )
Selects all the text displayed in the form element.

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