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javascript IMG x, y
Provide the horizontal and vertical pixel coordinates of the top-left corner of the image relative to the page. These are Navigator-only properties,
javascript IMG vspace
The vspace property of IMG is described in chapter: javascript IMG hspace, vspace
javascript IMG useMap
Provides the URL of the map element in the same document that contains client-side image map hot areas and links. The value includes the hashmark
javascript IMG start
If you specify a video clip with the dynsrc attribute, the start property controls the action that causes the clip to start running.
javascript IMG src
Provides the relative or complete URL of the image file currently loaded or to be loaded into the img element. Loading an image of a different siz
javascript IMG readyState
Returns the current download status of the IMG object's content. This property provides intermediate information about the loading process.
javascript IMG prototype
Returns a reference to the static Image object from which all instances of image objects are created. This mechanism is more commonly used in Java
javascript IMG protocol
Returns the protocol component of the URL associated with the element. Windows and Macintosh versions return values in different formats. For the Wi
javascript IMG naturalHeight, naturalWidth
Return the unscaled height and width of the image, in pixels. Allows scripts to find the true dimensions of the original image in case scripts or in
javascript IMG nameProp
Returns the filename (without the rest of the URL path) of the current image. Simplifies examination of current image content.
javascript IMG name
This is the identifier associated with the image object for use in scripted references to the object.
javascript IMG mimeType
Returns a plain-language description of the MIME type for the image. This property may not be officially supported by Microsoft, but it correctly re
javascript IMG lowsrc
Indicates the URL of a lower-resolution (or alternate) image to download into the document space if the image of the src attribute will take a lon
javascript IMG loop
If you specify a video clip with the dynsrc attribute, the loop property controls how many times the clip should play (loop). Changing to a valu
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