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javascript IFRAME width
The content of IFRAME width is the same as javascript IFRAME height, width
javascript IFRAME vspace
The vspace property of IMG is described in chapter: javascript IFRAME hspace, vspace
javascript IFRAME tabIndex
This is a number that indicates the sequence of this IFRAME element within the tabbing order of all focusable elements in the document.
javascript IFRAME src
Indicates the URL of the external content file loaded into the current element. To change the content, assign a new URL to the property.
javascript IFRAME scrolling
Specifies the treatment of scrollbars for an iframe when the content exceeds the visible area of the iframe . You can force an iframe to displ
javascript IFRAME noResize
Specifies whether the frame can be resized by the user. Not applicable to an iframe element.
javascript IFRAME name
This is the identifier associated with an iframe for use as the value assigned to target attributes or as script references to the frame. The va
javascript IFRAME marginHeight, marginWidth
Control the number of pixels between the inner edge of a frame and the content rendered inside the frame. An adjustment to either property sets the
javascript IFRAME longDesc
Reflects the longDesc attribute of the iframe element. Version 6 browsers provide no significant functionality for this attribute or property.
javascript IFRAME hspace, vspace
Provide the pixel measure of horizontal and vertical margins surrounding an inline frame. The hspace property affects the left and right edges of
javascript IFRAME height, width
Provide the pixel or percentage measure of the iframe element's height and width.
javascript IFRAME frameSpacing
The amount of spacing in pixels between frames within a frameset. This property has no effect on an inline frame in Internet Explorer.
javascript IFRAME frameBorder
This property should control whether the frame displays a border. In practice, the property has no effect on the visual appearance of an inline fram
javascript IFRAME dataSrc
Used with IE data binding to specify the ID of the page's IFRAME object element that loads the data source object for remote data access
javascript IFRAME dataFld
Used with IE data binding to associate a remote data source column name with the value of the src property. A datasrc attribute must also be set
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