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javascript history Description
During a browser session, the browser uses the history object to maintain a list of URLs visited by the user. This list (stored as an array) is us
javascript history current, next, previous
The URL of the current, next, and previous URLs in the history array. This information is private and can be retrieved in Navigator 4 or later onl
javascript history length
The number of items in the history list. Even with this information, you are not allowed to extract a specific history entry except with signed scri
javascript history back( )
The basic action is to navigate to the previously viewed document, similar to the click of the browser's Back button. In Navigator 4 or later, howe
javascript history forward( )
The basic action is to navigate to the same URL that the browser's Forward button leads to (if it is active). Similar cautions about the window's
javascript history go( )
Navigates to a specific position in the history listing.
javascript history item( )
Returns the URL at a specific location in the history list. Requires Netscape signed scripts and the user's explicit permission to retrieve this pri

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