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javascript FRAME width
The width property is placed in chapter: javascript FRAME height, width
javascript FRAME src
Provides the URL of the external content file loaded into the frame. To change the content, assign a new URL to the property. For cross-platform app
javascript FRAME scrolling
Controls the treatment of scrollbars for a frame when the content exceeds the visible area of the frame. You can force a frame to display scrollbars
javascript FRAME noResize
Indicates whether the frame can be resized by the user. All border edges of the affected frame element become locked, meaning all edges that exten
javascript FRAME name
This is the identifier associated with a frame for use as the value assigned to target attributes or as script references to the frame. The value
javascript FRAME marginHeight, marginWidth
Indicate the number of pixels between the inner edge of a frame and the content rendered inside the frame. The marginHeight property controls spac
javascript FRAME longDesc
Reflects the longDesc attribute of the frame element. Version 6 browsers provide no significant functionality for this attribute or property.
javascript FRAME height, width
Return the height and width in pixels of the frame. Dimensions include frame chrome (scrollbars).
javascript FRAME frameBorder
Controls whether an individual frame within a frameset displays a border. Controlling individual frame borders appears to be a problem for most brow
javascript FRAME dataSrc
Used with IE data binding to specify the ID of the page's FRAME object element that loads the data source object for remote data access.
javascript FRAME dataFld
Used with IE data binding to associate a remote data source column name to the frame's src attribute. A datasrc attribute must also be set for
javascript FRAME contentWindow
Returns a reference to the window object generated by the frame element. Through that window object, you can access the document object and then any o
javascript FRAME contentDocument
Returns a reference to the document object loaded into the frame element object.
javascript FRAME borderColor
Color of the frame's border. Each browser and operating system may resolve conflicts between different colored borders differently, so test any chan
javascript FRAME allowTransparency
Specifies whether the frame background can be transparent. Because an underlying frameset does not have a background color or image, this property i
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