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javascript FORM name
This is the identifier associated with the form. This information is not submitted with the form, but a form's name is used in references to the for
javascript FORM target
The name of the window or frame that is to receive content returned by the server after the form is submitted. Such names are assigned to frames by
javascript FORM handleEvent[ ]
Instructs the FORM object to accept and process the event whose specifications are passed as the parameter to the method
javascript FORM reset( )
Performs the same action as a click of a reset-type input element. All form controls revert to their default values.
javascript FORM submit( )
Performs the same action as a click of a submit-type input element. This method does not fire the onSubmit event handler in Navigator or recent ve
javascript FORM Description
The form object reflects the form element. The form object can be referenced in all scriptable browsers via the value assigned to its tag name attribu
javascript FORM acceptCharset
A server advisory (for servers that are equipped to interpret the information) about which character sets it must receive from a client form.
javascript FORM action
Provides the URL to be accessed when a form is being submitted. Script control of this property lets one form be submitted to different server proce
javascript FORM elements[ ]
Returns an array of all form control objects contained by the current form.
javascript FORM encoding
Specifies the MIME type for the data being submitted to the server with the form. For typical form submissions (where the method attribute is set
javascript FORM enctype
Provides the W3C DOM property name for what had been the encoding property of earlier DOM implementations. Current browsers support both property
javascript FORM length
Specifies the number of form control elements in the form. You can use this property in lieu of the length of the form's elements array.
javascript FORM method
Forms may be submitted via two possible HTTP methods: get and post . These methods determine whether the form element data is sent to the server

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