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javascript FIELDSET Description
The fieldset object reflects the fieldset element. IE 5 for Macintosh implements the client and scroll measurement properties for this object.
javascript FIELDSET accessKey
This is single character key that either gives focus to an FIELDSET element (in some browsers) or activates a form control or link action.
javascript FIELDSET align
Defines the horizontal alignment of the element within its surrounding container. In practice, this property has little effect on the fieldset obj
javascript FIELDSET blur( )
Removes focus from the current FIELDSET object, at which time the FIELDSET object's onblur event fires.
javascript FIELDSET clientHeight, clientWidth
Broadly speaking, these provide the height and width of the FIELDSET element's content, but with minor variations with respect to element padding amon
javascript FIELDSET clientLeft, clientTop
Broadly speaking, these provide the left and top coordinates of the FIELDSET element's content within the box that includes the FIELDSET element's pad
javascript FIELDSET filters[ ]
Returns an array of all filter objects contained by the current FIELDSET element.
javascript FIELDSET form
Returns a reference to the next outermost form element object in the document tree. Multiple fieldset element objects within the same form el
javascript FIELDSET margin
Returns an integer value, presumably of a margin setting. But the element does not feature a corresponding attribute. Ignore this property.
javascript FIELDSET scrollHeight, scrollWidth
This property of FIELDSET is same as the BODY's. Please see BODY's instead:
javascript FIELDSET scrollLeft, scrollTop
Provide the distance in pixels between the actual left or top edge of the FIELDSET element's physical content and the left or top edge of the visible
javascript FIELDSET tabIndex
This is a number that indicates the sequence of this FIELDSET element within the tabbing order of all focusable elements in the document.

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