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javascript Error Description
Browsers that implement try / catch exception handling automatically create an instance of the Error object whenever an error occurs during scr
javascript Error constructor
Provides a reference to the function that created the instance of an Error objectthe native Error( ) constructor function in browsers.
javascript Error fileName
Specifies the URL of the page in which the script error occurred. This information appears in the JavaScript Console window for each reported error.
javascript Error lineNumber
Specifies the number of the line in the source code where the current script error occurred. This information appears in the JavaScript Console wind
javascript Error message
Provides a plain-language description of the error. There is no standard for the format or content of such messages.
javascript Error name
This is a string that sometimes indicates the type of the current error. The default value of this property is Error . But the browser may also rep
javascript Error number
Provides a number corresponding to an IE error. You must apply binary arithmetic to the value to derive a meaningful number. Use: var errNum =
javascript Error prototype
This is a property of the static Error object. Use the prototype property to assign new properties and methods to future instances of a Error ob
javascript Error toString( )
Returns a string representation of the object, but the values differ between browser families. IE returns [object Error] , while Netscape 6 returns

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