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javascript EMBED width
The width property of EMBED is described in chapter ' javascript EMBED height, width '.
javascript EMBED units
Specifies the unit of measure for the height and width dimensions of the element. Internet Explorer appears to treat all settings as pixels.
javascript EMBED height, width
Provide the height and width in pixels of the element as set by the tag attributes. Changing the values does not necessarily change the actual recta
javascript EMBED clientLeft, clientTop
Broadly speaking, these provide the left and top coordinates of the EMBED element's content within the box that includes the EMBED element's padding
javascript EMBED clientHeight, clientWidth
Broadly speaking, these provide the height and width of the EMBED element's content, but with minor variations with respect to element padding among v
javascript EMBED align
Defines the alignment of the element within its surrounding container.
javascript EMBED accessKey
This is single character key that either gives focus to an EMBED element (in some browsers) or activates a form control or link action
javascript EMBED Description
The embed object reflects the embed element. Although the embed object is losing favor to the object element in recent browser generations,
javascript EMBED type
Indicates the MIME type of the external data assigned to the element's type attribute.
javascript EMBED tabIndex
This is a number that indicates the sequence of this EMBED element within the tabbing order of all focusable elements in the document.
javascript EMBED src
Indicates URL of the external content file associated with the object. Although some controllers may respond to changes of this attribute, it is mor
javascript EMBED scrollLeft, scrollTop
Provide the distance in pixels between the actual left or top edge of the EMBED element's physical content and the left or top edge of the visible por
javascript EMBED scrollHeight, scrollWidth
Originally implemented in IE 4 for elements that either scrolled or influenced an EMBED element's scroll
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