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javascript cssRule Description
A style sheet rule object is a member of the collection of styleSheet objects in the document. The IE and W3C DOMs have different syntax for refer
javascript cssRule cssRules
Returns a collection of cssRule objects nested within an @media rule.
javascript cssRule cssText
Indicates the complete text of the style sheet rule, including selector and attribute name/value pairs inside curly braces. IE 6 for Windows provide
javascript cssRule encoding
Returns the character set code (e.g., ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8 ) associated with an @charset rule.
javascript cssRule href
Returns the URI of the external style sheet file imported via an @import rule.
javascript cssRule media
Returns the media type specified for an @import or @media rule.
javascript cssRule parentRule
Refers to the cssRule object that contains the current cssRule , such as a rule nested inside an @ rule. Accessing this property value can cras
javascript cssRule parentStyleSheet
Refers to the styleSheet object that contains the current cssRule . Allows a function that might be passed a reference to a cssRule object to o
javascript cssRule readOnly
Returns Boolean true for rules that arrive to a document via an @import rule or a link element. Such rules may not be modified by script, alt
javascript cssRule selectorText
Indicates the selector portion of the style sheet rule. Although this property is read/write (except in IE 5/Mac), changes do not influence the obje
javascript cssRule style
Returns a style object with properties that reflect the attribute settings of the current rule. This is the same kind of style object associated
javascript cssRule styleSheet
Returns a reference to the styleSheet object contained by the imported style sheet. From here you can inspect cssRule objects belonging to that
javascript cssRule type
Returns an integer corresponding to one of seven cssRule types, as defined by the W3C DOM. Every cssRule object in Netscape 6 comes equipped wit
javascript cssRule deleteRule( )
Removes the zero-based index numbered rule from the current @media rule.
javascript cssRule insertRule( )
Inserts a new rule (selector text and style attributes) into the current @media rule at the position indicated by the second parameter.

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