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javascript COL Description
The col object reflects the col element; the colgroup object reflects the colgroup element. Both elements provide ways of assigning multipl
javascript COL align
Defines the horizontal alignment of content within cells covered by the col or colgroup element.
javascript COL ch
Defines the text character used as an alignment point for text within a column or column group (reflecting the char attribute). This property is n
javascript COL chOff
Defines the offset point at which the character specified by the char attribute is to appear within a cell. In practice, neither IE 6 nor Netscape
javascript COL span
Provides the number of adjacent columns for which the element's attribute and style settings apply.
javascript COL vAlign
Provides the manner of vertical alignment of text within the column grouping's cells.
javascript COL width
Provides the width in pixels of each column of the column grouping. Changes to these values are immediately reflected in reflowed content on the pag

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