Javascript Reference
javascript CAPTION Description
The caption object reflects the caption element, which must always be nested inside a table element. IE/Mac implements the client and scroll
javascript CAPTION align
Determines the position of the caption in the table. See the align attribute of the caption element in Chapter 8 for details on the interaction
javascript CAPTION clientHeight, clientWidth
Broadly speaking, these provide the height and width of the element's content, but with minor variations with respect to element padding among v
javascript CAPTION clientLeft, clientTop
Broadly speaking, these provide the left and top coordinates of the element's content within the box that includes the element's padding, bu
javascript CAPTION focus( )
Gives focus from the current CAPTION object, at which time the CAPTION object's onfocus event fires. Note that the range of elements capable of focus
javascript CAPTION scrollHeight, scrollWidth
Originally implemented in IE 4 for elements that either scrolled or influenced an CAPTION element's scroll
javascript CAPTION scrollLeft, scrollTop
Provide the distance in pixels between the actual left or top edge of the CAPTION element's physical content and the left or top edge of the visible p
javascript CAPTION vAlign
Specifies whether the table caption appears above or below the table.

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