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javascript BUTTON Description
The button object is a form control generated with an INPUT element whose TYPE attribute is set to "button" . This element is similar to, bu
javascript BUTTON accessKey
A single character key that "clicks" the button from the keyboard. The browser and operating system determine whether the user must press a
javascript BUTTON dataFld
Used with IE 4 data binding to associate a remote data source column name to a button object's value property. A DATASRC attribute must also
javascript BUTTON dataSrc
Used with IE 4 data binding to specify the name of the remote ODBC data source (such as an Oracle or SQL Server database) to be associated with the
javascript BUTTON disabled
Whether the element is available for user interaction. When set to true, the element cannot receive focus or be modified by the user. It is also not s
javascript BUTTON form
Returns a reference to the FORM element that contains the current element (if any). This property is most often passed as a parameter for an event
javascript BUTTON name
The identifier associated with the form control. The value of this property is submitted as one-half of the name/value pair when the form is submitt
javascript BUTTON recordNumber
Used with data binding, returns an integer representing the record within the data set that generated the element (i.e., an element whose content is
javascript BUTTON tabIndex
A number that indicates the sequence of this BUTTON element within the tabbing order of all focusable elements in the document.
javascript BUTTON type
Returns the type of form control element. The value is returned in all lowercase letters. It may be necessary to cycle through all form elements in
javascript BUTTON value
This is the rare time that the value property controls the label of a form control: the text that appears on the button. A button input element is
javascript BUTTON blur( )
Removes focus from the current element and fires an onBlur event (in IE). No other element necessarily receives focus as a result.
javascript BUTTON focus( )
Gives focus to the current element and fires the onFocus event (in IE). If another element property objects had focus at the time, it receives an
javascript BUTTON handleEvent( )
handleEvent( event ) Instructs the object to accept and process the event whose specifications are passed as the parameter to the method. The ob

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